To attract new businesses and new residents, we need a leader who will fight for new investments in transportation and infrastructure. The expansion of the Mon-Fayette expressway, our busways, and our transit lines is critical to the Mon Valley’s future. While these long-term plans to help improve our transportation needs are critical for sustainable growth in our community, we need to find immediate solutions to fix our decaying infrastructure as well.

  • As your State Representative, I will fight for much needed investments in our public transportation system. We need to build on the progress that was made when the General Assembly passed Act 89. Act 89 provided 10 years of stable funding for the Port Authority of Allegheny, but does not allow for service expansion. I will fight to expand public transportation in the 35th district.

  • I will work to finally make the completion of the Mon-Fayette Expressway a reality. Act 89 eliminated the section that connected our District to the City of Pittsburgh. I firmly believe that for the Mon Valley to thrive we must make it easier and faster to get from the Mon Valley to Pittsburgh

  • I will fight for capital investments in our transportation system to better serve the Mon Valley. One of the capital investments I would pursue is the expansion of the MLK Busway from Rankin to further into the Mon Valley. This would increase the access to public transportation as well as create a better connection to the regions to largest job centers of Downtown and Oakland. 

  • The Commonwealth needs to make investments in repairing our neglected roadways and bridges. According to the Infrastructure Report Card, “Pennsylvania percentage of structurally deficient bridges in the country”.  As a Commonwealth, we must ensure that our citizens our safe while traveling on our roads and bridges. To achieve this we must make capital investments to repair our infrastructure.