Austin's Vision 

This campaign is about a shared vision of a brighter future for our community by focusing on jobs, education, public safety, and transportation.

Creating stable and well-paying jobs for our residents is fundamental to the Mon Valley's future.  From ensuring that people can earn livable wages to making it easier for workers to exercise their rights to organize, as your State Representative I will fight for you in Harrisburg.  


This vision forward also includes encouraging the continuing growth of manufacturing jobs.

Innovative manufacturing jobs are a key component to our future. Therefore, as your Representative, I will also focus on revitalizing the manufacturing industry that brings so many well-paying jobs to our community. 

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A quality public education system is the cornerstone to any strong community. As a proud product of public schools, I’ve seen firsthand how a good education can allow a child to reach their full potential.  Every child in Pennsylvania should have access to a quality education regardless of their zip code.


I will fight for fair state funding for our school districts, reforming our charter school laws, expansion of Pre-K programs, expansion of job training programs that meet the needs of our new economy, and affordable higher education options for our children.


As your State Representative, I will work to secure a brighter future for Mon Valley families. That future can only be realized if the safety of our children, parents, and neighbors is a top priority. This means working to curb crime in our community in all its forms and ending the crisis opioids have caused in our community.


As your State Representative, I will fight to end the Opioid Epidemic by ensuring access to treatment and holding pharmaceutical companies accountable. We must support local law enforcement and guarantee that they have all the necessary tools to protect our families and community.


To attract new businesses and new residents, we need a leader who will fight for new investments in transportation and infrastructure. I will support the expansion of the Mon-Fayette expressway, our busways, and our transit lines. While these long-term plans to help improve our transportation needs are critical for sustainable growth in our community, I strongly support immediate efforts to fix decaying roads and bridges as well.